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    Guidelines for Acquisition of Programms


    At present Doordarshan in mainly procuring software for its channels either through sponsorship or through in-house production. Some programmes are also being commissioned.  However, there is no provision for acquisition of the programmes.  Though royalty rates exist for one off telecast, there is no procedure for bulk acquisition of the software.  Hence it has been decided to evolve the following guidelines for acquisition of programmes.

    1. Short Title and Commencement
    These guidelines may be called 'Prasar Bharati guidelines for acquisition of programmes'.  They will come into force with immediate effect.

    Acquisition of Programmes
    (i) With a view to procuring good quality software relevant to, Doordarshan requirements, Doordarshan proposes to acquire ready-made programmes, which are as per Channel requirements from outside producer/production houses.  Such acquisition will be operated as per the following guidelines:

    A. Aims and objects
    Doordarshan should aim at acquiring quality software having long shelf life by synergizing respective strengths of Doordarshan and the applicant (s).  Acquisition could be on a short-term basis (for a period of three years) or on perpetual basis.

    B. Eligibility
    Doordarshan shall call for open bids for acquisition of programmes from reputed outside producers, production houses, and other organizations of repute with a view to acquiring quality software keeping in view its requirements.  ...continued..