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    Gyandarshan, a major milestone in the field of educational TV in India is a joint venture of Ministry of HRD, Information & Broadcasting, the Prasar Bharati and IGNOU. It was launched formally on 26th January 2000. Gyandarshan is envisaged as a public co-operative in which institutions such as the UGC/CEC, NCERT/CIET constitute the major stakeholders. The Gyandarshan channel, had a modest beginning on 10th January 2000 with a 2 hours daily test transmission ( 5 PM to 7 PM). Then on 26th January 2000 the channel was formally inaugurated. Its duration was increased to 4 hours ( 5 PM to 9 PM). In mid-February 2000 the transmission rose to 9 hours a day. By st June, 2000 it was extended to 16 hours and by 1st November, 2000 it became a 24 hour channel with non-stop transmission daily offering a rich fare of multi-faceted programming.

    The channel has earmarked time slots for curriculum-based as well as career based programmes targeting various groups of learners. Special programmes on art, culture, science and technology, etc., having a wider appeal across different age groups are telecast. The unique feature of the channel is the high degree of interactivity. It is a people's channel which inspires, instills hope and provides the means. Gyandarshan is all set to usher in a learning society. The channel has lent support to the students of Secondary and Senior Secondary School through specially designed programmes by NCERT/CIET, SIET, NOS and others. It also covers topics ranging from science and technology to environment, computer education to career counseling.

    The channel seeks to offer alternatives and substitutes to learners of various age groups and categories in the growing demand for quality education in the country. The 24 hour Gyandarshan channel is now accessible to an estimated 20 million viewers in 40 lakh cable homes spread all over India.