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    Distance Education In India


    Open University System

    The advances in information and communication technology provide great opportunities to enhance teaching and learning in higher education by both on-campus and distance education.

    Even disabled students who are denied access to traditional institutions, and all those who require updating of their knowledge and life-long education can now be benefited by the modern facilities of communication.

    They also provide increased access to information sources and facilitate communication among researchers and teachers and the building of networks of institutions and scholars.

    Through the open universities and distance learning initiatives, mechanisms are in place to upgrade skills at regular intervals and develop n

    ew competencies. People's needs of lifelong learning are constantly expanding. Higher education institutions are offering learning opportunities to satisfy these diverse demands. Ready access and flexibility are the hallmarks of these initiatives.

    The Open University System was initiated in the country to augment opportunities for higher education as an instrument of democratising education and also to make it a lifelong process.

    The first open university in the country was established by the state government of Andhra Pradesh in 1982. In 1985, the central government established the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).