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    Doctors after completing their graduate degrees can opt to specialise in a particular field of medicine. With increasing emphasis on specialisation today in the medicinal field graduate doctors can take up worthy post graduate courses in order to specialise in one particular branch of medicine.

    Post graduate courses today offer every chance for the modern-day doctor to specialise in his favourite field of medicinal study in keeping with global trends. The popularity and importance of a post graduate medicinal qualification can be gauged from the fact that 65-70 percent of all MBBS graduates opt for further studies rather than opting for a career.
    The MDS degree requires two additional years of training after the completion of the BDS course. The course provides a well-rounded curriculum imparting knowledge in all the specialised sub-divisions of dentistry.

    An increasing awareness of the importance of oral hygiene and dental care to the general health of the individual has brought about a proportionate demand for good dentists in the country. The introduction of new fields like periodontics, oral pathology and orthodontics have also enhanced the scope of this field. Dentists can choose to practise privately or join the private hospitals, government medical corps, the railways or the military.