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Overview of India newspapers scenario

India newspaper publication began in Calcutta in the 1780's and by 1800 there were several dozen publications in English, with the numbers increasing periodically. Now, the progress has been so much that every major newspaper from india has an internet edition and you can read any India newspaper online.

There are approximately 82,222 registered newspapers in India. Official figures are not readily available, but a conservative estimate would be that there are an additional 5,000 titles published elsewhere in India.

Each week, Indian Readership Survey (IRS) says, the print news media reaches over 250 million readers. These enormous numbers, the survey suggests, represent a chain of growth, driven both by expanding literacy and improved living standards.

According to the 55th report of The Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), the total circulation of newspapers in India increased by 8.23% during the period 2010-11.

Important Statistics About Indian Newspapers

  • The newspaper industry, which was sluggish in the year 2009 grew by 11.7% amounting to INR 159.5 billion in 2010. This accounts for 89.3% of the print industry.
  • The total number of registered newspapers, as on 31st March, 2011: 82,222
  • The number of new newspapers registered during 2010-11: 4,853
  • Percentage of growth of total registered publications over the previous year: 6.25 %
  • The largest number of newspapers & periodicals registered in any Indian language (Hindi): 32,793
  • The second largest number of newspapers & periodicals registered in any language (English): 11,478
  • The state with the largest number of registered newspapers (Uttar Pradesh):13,065
  • The state with the second largest number of registered newspapers (Delhi): 10,606
  • The number of newspapers that submitted Annual Statements: 14,508
  • The total circulation of newspapers : 32,92,04,841
  • The largest number of newspapers & periodicals that submitted Annual Statements in any Indian language (Hindi): 7,910
  • The second largest number of newspapers & periodicals that submitted Annual Statements in any language (English) : 1,406
  • The largest circulated Daily: Dainik Jagran
  • The second largest circulated Daily: Daink Bhaskar
  • The third largest circulated Daily: Hindustan
  • The largest circulated multi-edition Daily: The Times of India, English
  • The second largest circulated multi-edition Daily: Eenadu,Telugu
  • The largest circulated periodical: The Hindu Weekly, English, Chennai
Online Newspapers

According to a JuxtConsult’s India Internet report, while the print media in India continues to remain strong and grow, there also is a significant growth in online readership of newspapers.

The report also revealed that online editions onf India newspapers are read in 62 countries across the globe.

Here are the more important aspect of the report:

  • A majority of the readership between 21-40 years of age. Most of them reside in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh And Tamil Nadu.
  • Only 13% of online readers are female
  • 48% of the readers comprise of those employed in the IT sector, media and education
  • 24.3% readers read online news stories on books, films,reviews and theatre.
  • News about India is read by 92%.
  • Business & economy sections are read by 69%, politics by 60% and sci-tech by 60% of the online audience.
  • Social development and environment stories are read by 46% and 33% of the audience respectively.
  • Only 37% of the online audience reads sports news
  • Columns are read by 42% of online audience
  • The open editorials are read by 97.7 % of the audience.