About Magazines In India

Magazines in India comprise of 19 categories and cover over 68 niches. The Indian Readership Survey 2011 shows that India magazine readership continues its downward swing as in the previous two surveys. The segment that has been hit the hardest is the General news magazine segment. On the other hand, niche and business magazines show significant growth. The survey shows that among the top 10 magazines just India Today and Business Today are the only two English magazines. The rest are vernacular magazines, with Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam magznies ruling the roost. Contrary to the genral declining trend among other magazines, both thes magazines have also recorded growth in readership. Among business magazines, two new publications - Forbes and Fortune (botn Indian Editions) have injected new life for the segment's audience. The overal decline in the magazine indutsrty is attributed to a number of factors including sluggish advertising market aand inadequate measurement of audience reach. PWC, a research body, syas "Niche magazines such as lifestyle, travel, education and autohave established themselves in India and will continue to grow. It also expects new segments and niches to grow as well. Several new international magazines too were launched in India during 2011. This included Worldwide Media's Lonely Planet, BBC Knowledge, Home Trends, ForbesLife and Conde Nast Traveler. All these new internationally owned magazines target the upper middle-class market and some of these magazines have shown encouraging growth.