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    AIR News Services

    News Service

    Greatly influenced by the approach and thinking of BBC, Indian broadcasting sets the trend through the years to make the newsroom free, fair and responsible.

    The News Services Division (NSD) produces 112 bulletins in 17 languages which emanates from Delhi and are relayed by several AIR Stations.

    In addition to these bulletins, the Regional News Units, 45 in all, located in different parts of the country, produce as many as 187 regional and 65 external news bulletins.

    The External News bulletins, are put out in 25 languages.'Spotlight' in English and 'Samayiki' in Hindi, broadcast everyday, deal with topical events/issues.

    The Current Affairs programme is broadcast every Sunday, in which experts, eminent academicians, legislators and politicians express their views on national and international issues across the table.

    A similar programme in Hindi entitled;Charcha ka Vishai Hai; is broadcast every Wednesday. All these are produced by NSD.

    The composite news programmes called ;Samachar Prabhat; and ;Morning News; in Hindi and English respectively, each of a duration of 15 minutes comprise a news bulletin, a commentary, and a look at the daily press in the Capital.

    An hour long mid day news goes on air from 2 p.m. AIR uses the services of Reuters, UNI, PTI Bhasha and other leading news agencies for news inputs. In addition, AIR has its own correspondents posted all across the country and at some locations abroad.

    Round the clock News Services 'News on Phone' in English and 'Phone in Sewa' in Hindi were introduced from 25.12.1998. AIR News is also available on the Internet.The News Services Division has its own website for updating News round the clock.

    No. of Bulletins 364
    Total Duration 43 Hrs.10 Minutes.
    Languages Dialects

    Bulletins 112
    Languages 17
    Daily Duration 14 Hrs 29 Minutes
    Bulletins 187
    Daily Duration 20 Hrs 35 Minutes
    Bulletins 65
    languages 25
    Daily Duration 8 Hrs 57Min.30Sec.
    External Bulletins in Regional Languages 07
    Daily Duration 50 Minutes
    Staff Correspondents
    Part Time Correspondents 232