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    India Radio Stations

    Vividh Bharathi and commercial services

    At present there are 36 Vividh Bharati and Commercial Broadcasting Stations operating in the country. The popular Vividh Bharati Service provides entertainment for more than 14 Hrs. a day from all the centres.

    Sixty per cent of the time of the stations is devoted to film music and the rest is earmarked for devotional music, light music and spoken work programmes in the form of short plays, talklets, interviews etc.

    Sponsorships on the Primary Channels are accepted in the rural programmes, women's programmes, film/light music (Indian and Western), including listeners' choice, plays and other popular programmes.

    Advertising on AIR is very inexpensive. It costs less than Rs. 500 to send a message to millions of listeners across the country.

    Three short wave transmitters, one each at Madras, Mumbai and Guwahati, carry the Vividh Bharati Service without the commercials.